RxOneShop is a trusted national distributor of brand pharmaceuticals. For over ten years, we have provided pharmacies with the highest quality brand name, OTC, and prescription drugs at the industry's best prices. We supply top brand name drugs to large pharmacy chains and small independent pharmacies alike. Additionally, we also serve long-term care pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and retail stores.

Brand Name Pharmaceuticals

RxOneShop is your trusted source for brand name pharmaceuticals. Our online inventory includes a wide variety of brand pharmaceuticals, including:

We have developed relationships with the world's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers. This has enabled us to offer our clients the widest selection of brand name drugs and medical supplies available on the market. Shop brand name pharmaceuticals with RxOneShop today.

Over the Counter Brand Pharmaceuticals

We provide pharmacies a comprehensive selection of over the counter medicines, remedies and medical supplies. Our catalog of offerings includes pain relievers, cough and cold medicines, allergy medicines, sleep aids, vitamins, lozenges, ointments, and more. In addition, we also distribute brand name medical supply products, syringes, and diabetic supplies. Placing your order is simple in our online store. You can also give us a call at (877) 476-4761 or send us an email at info@rxoneshop.com and we can help you place your order or locate the medication(s) you need. If you have questions, please stop by out contact page and we can provide further assistance. Connect with us today!

What is the Difference Between Generic and Brand Name Products?

Among the most common questions pharmacists get are, "what is the difference between generic and brand name drugs?" A similar question is, "are generics just as effective as brand name medications?" When it comes to generic drugs vs. brand, there isn't a clear-cut answer. The fact is that the FDA does require generic drug manufacturers to create the drug so that the active ingredient will produce the same results as the brand drug. Essentially, then, generic medications must meet the same requirements as brand-name medications. Though a generic drug will produce a similar effect, it may not be identical. Both are effective options. In the end, the question isn't whether generic or brand name medications are better, but rather which choice is best suited for you.

Prescription Drug Brands

RxOneShop is proud to offer its clients brand name pharmaceuticals from a number of industry-leading companies. Some of these national and international pharmaceutical manufacturers include Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, and more. Brand name prescription drugs are developed through research and strategic market positioning. Billions of dollars are spent annually to develop, patent and market brand name drugs.

Because we are a wholesaler and purchase brand name products in high volume, we can provide our clients with the industry's newest and most sought after pharmaceuticals at discounted prices. We save our clients time and money on brand pharmaceuticals. As a Rx one pharmacy, we help you save by researching supply availability and identifying the lowest prices on a daily basis. Whether you are a buyer for a large retail chain or the owner of a small specialty pharmacy, RxOneShop will give you access to excellent pricing that will allow you to be competitive in your marketplace. Learn more about the difference is between brand-name drugs vs. generic drugs.

Why Choose RxOneShop for Brand Pharmaceuticals?

In addition to providing the best brand name pharmaceuticals at wholesale prices, RxOneShop also delivers superior customer service. We give our clients 30-day payment terms without interest or membership fees. Additionally, we offer next-day shipping on all orders to guarantee that your customers get the medication they need promptly. Our experts meet and exceed the standards set by the Wholesale Distribution Industry-National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Additionally, we only do business with VAWD accredited pharmaceutical suppliers.

About RxOneShop

Do you own or manage a pharmacy, and are you looking for a turnkey, cost-effective answer to your brand name pharmaceutical requirements? RxOneShop, America's leading pharmaceutical distributor, can provide you with the full-service over the counter and prescription medicine solution you need. We partner with some of the largest and most trusted brand pharmaceutical companies in the world. These include Eli Lilly, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Wyeth, Bayer, Biogen Idec, and Mylan Laboratories, just to name a few. Here at RxOneShop, we shop, we find, but you save.