RxOneShop sells hard to find pharmaceutical products to pharmacies across the country. Some pharmaceutical items are difficult to secure on the open market. Due to our high-level network of connections RxOneShop can obtain these hard to find products. RxOneShop provides a wide range of products both hard to reach and easily acquired. We will locate and procure any component you require and distribute the items to the appropriate facility. We have access to the best GPO contracts, therefore, providing the most competitive prices available. We do not sell directly to the public, only to licensed and certified pharmacies. We are a distributor of generic pharmaceuticals, bulk over the counter (OTC), vitamins, diabetic supplies, injectables, syringes, brand name products, and medical supplies.

Why Are Some Pharmaceutical Items So Elusive?

Many pharmaceutical items are hard to find either because they have been discontinued, they are out of stock, back ordered or simply unavailable. We have access to many controlled pharmaceutical items and our reliable industry relationships give us special access to seemingly unreachable products. If we do not see it in stock today, we will be able to locate it for you as soon as possible and have it to you right away. With our large selection of hard to find products, it is entirely possible that we already have a supplier with what you need on hand and ready to be shipped to you today.

Different Hard To Find Pharmaceuticals

Several pharmaceuticals products that are hard to find are plasma derivatives, oncology drugs, generic pharmaceuticals, vaccines, specialty drugs and biologicals. As a top tier distributor, our job is to source all of the hard to find products that you need to maintain your regular functions. You no longer have to search multiple sources to find the best available generic pharmaceutical prices; we pre-shop for our clients every day to stay on top of what they need and get it to them immediately. We give you access to the best prices available THAT DAY from LTC Generic's wholesale and manufacturing partners.

Why Choose RxOneShop For Hard To Find Pharmaceuticals?

RxOneShop services the entire spectrum of pharmacies, chain stores, and long-term care facilities. We make shopping for generics fast, easy and practical. Save time and money by choosing RxOneShop for your pharmaceutical needs. We offer next day shipping on over 4,000 generic pharmaceutical items. Call us today for more information about how we can become your supplier.