RxOneShop is a nationwide wholesale pharmacy distributor. Our company sells only to licensed and certified pharmacies so we can maintain strong partnerships with multiple suppliers and manufacturers. This allows us to offer the best pricing on generic and brand name pharmaceuticals. In addition, our products are not available to the public.

Trusted Pharmaceutical Distributor

We are a trusted pharmaceutical distributor and we have been serving our clients for many years. At RxOneShop, we distribute the following supplies:

RxOneShop's pharmaceutical distributor services long-term care pharmacies, chain stores, infusion, specialty, combo pharmacies, and retail stores. When we receive your order, we will ship it out immediately. This is made possible because our suppliers have a large inventory of pharmaceutical products already in stock and ready for delivery. We are your one-stop shop for all of the items you need for your pharmacy.

What Is A Pharmacy Distributor?

A pharmacy distributor sells pharmaceutical products at wholesale prices to pharmacies. We offer a wide selection of products including name brand products, generics, and hard to find products. If you are looking for a pharmacy distributor that offers low prices, quick service, and a huge selection of pharmaceuticals, you will find them at RxOneShop.

What Do Pharmacy Distributors Do?

As a pharmacy distributor, we pre-shop for our clients every day, ensuring the availability each of the pharmaceutical products you need, when you need them. When you call RxOneShop, you have direct access to the most cost effective prices available the SAME DAY. No longer do you have to shop multiple sources to find all of the products you need because you will find them all at RxOneShop.

Our Pharmacy Distributors Maintain Strong Relationships With Multiple Manufacturers

Our pharmacy distributors keep high-level relationships with several different suppliers. This guarantees that we can offer you the lowest prices available on the entire spectrum of products that you could need for your day-to-day operations. Long gone are the days of placing orders through multiple suppliers in order to obtain the appropriate supplies. We are an all-inclusive provider geared to cater to the ever changing and high-demand world of today's pharmacies.

Choose RxOneShop To Be Your Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

Choose RxOneShop to be your pharmaceutical distribution company. As your pharmacy distributor, we understand the needs that arise in this industry. Our company is prepared to handle any challenge with accuracy and precision. In addition, our clients appreciate our commitment to transparency and excellence. Partnering with our pharmacy distributors means that you benefit from a huge selection of drug products and medical supplies.

At RxOneShop, we deliver accurately, safely, and promptly. Additionally, our wholesale rates, fast ordering process, accurate delivery, and a nearly limitless availability of products make the decision simple. Contact RxOneShop to be your pharmaceutical distribution company today!

About RxOneShop

RxOneShop is a PDMA compliant pharmacy distributor, and we have many partnerships with suppliers. Each supplier we partner with is VAWD accredited, meaning that they are compliant with all state and federal laws. In addition, our company provides next-day shipping to ensure you receive your products in a timely fashion.

Here at RxOneShop, you can trust our suppliers. Some of these include Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Merck & Company, Eli Lilly, and Bristol-Meyers Squibb. When you shop with us, we make online ordering simple. Our store has a huge online catalog of drug and medical supplies. In the event you can't locate the specific product you are looking for, RxOneShop can help you find it at the best possible price.