RxOneShop is your one stop shop for Over the counter (OTC) medications and products. Our trusted products and pharmaceuticals are sold across the United States. We are a reliable and approved supplier of generic pharmaceuticals, but we can also fill all your over the counter drug needs. We are the wholesale distributor that can fill your shelves with the products your customers search for the most. With our wholesale distribution of OTC drugs, your shelves stay full, your costs stay low and your profits stay high.

What Every Customer Wants

You know your business and you know what your customers look for the most. We provide generic brands of the most sought after over the counter medications:

  • Generic Cepacol
  • Generic Advil
  • Generic Tylenol
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Generic Dimetapp

In addition to these, we offer a generic brand of every common OTC drug on the market. We provide medications for colds, flu, fever, digestive, sinus, allergy and infant needs. Whatever you're looking for, we deliver.

Trusted Generic Brands

When you sell generic brands, it's important to deliver the quality your customers seek. We deliver generic brands that are excellent competitors to name brand products. Delivering products your customers can rely on builds trust which also builds your business. You can put your trust in us to deliver the generic equivalent products that won't let them down. Send your customers home with remedies and reassurance. Our products will measure up to any brand name equivalent with a savings to them and more profits for you. These benefits at wholesale prices will bring you back to RxOneShop for all your shelf stocking needs.

Increase Your Available OTC Options

Your customers will appreciate the cost savings options our products offer. The cost savings are easy for them to see. By recommending our OTCs you build trust in these brands. Our quality products produce desired results over and over. We carry products you can count on and be proud to suggest and have on your shelves.

Place An Order Today

Finally a wholesale supplier that can deliver your pharmaceutical supplies and over the counter drugs all at once at a price that will keep your business competitive. We know it's difficult to compete in today's market, but we make it easier. We offer wholesale prices, quality you can trust, the products you need, and the service you can rely on. That's why RxOneShop is your one-stop-shop anywhere in the United States for all your pharmacy's OTC wholesale drug and supply needs.