We Shop Multiple Suppliers to Save You Money

Thank you for your interest in RxOneShop! We have developed a price check tool that allows you to compare our prices with those of your current supplier(s). To use this tool, simply upload an XLSX or CSV spreadsheet with a column for NDC and we will provide you the RxOneShop price. Additionally, if you include Price and Quantity columns we will show you how much you'll save with RxOneShop!

The price check tool will only price NDC with exact NDC. RxOneShop does carry alternate NDC’s that might be cheaper as well, but will not be on the report, thank you.

Please Note: Any imported quantities that are set to 0 will be defaulted to a value of 1.

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Only CSV, XLS or XLSX are supported.

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Please provide your pharmacy name, phone number and email address. We will display your results on this page, as well as provide you with a link to download the results and email you a copy.

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