RxOneShop offers the lowest prices available on wholesale pharmaceuticals in the United States. We are a national distributor of brand name and generic prescription drugs, bulk over the counter (OTC) medicines, medicals supplies, vitamins, injectables, and syringes. We provide pharmacies with the industry’s largest selection of pharmaceutical products at a discount.

Access To The Best Prices On Wholesale Pharmaceuticals

RxOneShop can offer our customers the cheapest prices on prescription drugs, over the counter remedies and medical supplies because of our large network of suppliers and manufacturers. We have over ten years of experience in this industry. We have selected our suppliers based on their competitive pricing and robust order fulfillment capabilities. This large network gives us access to an extensive inventory of FDA-approved medicines, vitamins, and supplies, which we purchase in high-volume. Our buying power allows us to conveniently offer you leading medications at the lowest market prices available.

Competitive Pricing For Pharmacies

RxOneShop offers volume-based discount pricing for accredited pharmacies. There are no own-use restrictions on the generic and brand name pharmaceuticals that we distribute, which helps us to maintain the industry’s best prices. We also do not charge membership or transaction fees – saving you significant money on the pharmaceuticals you need!

Who We Distribute To & How It Works

RxOneShop only offers these low prices to State Licensed and DEA- certified pharmacies, including retail stores, national chains, long-term care facilities, and infusion, specialty and combo pharmacies. We do not sell to the public. We provide many affordable payment options, including convenient 30-day terms.

RxOneShop offers easy ordering solutions – place your order online or over the phone with one of our experienced pharmaceutical buyers. We will search our vast product database for current availability and the best pricing available. We provide immediate order fulfillment with next-day shipping on orders over $150.

Start Saving Money On Wholesale Pharmaceuticals

Becoming a part of the RxOneShop network is easy. We offer a simple one-time application process that will grant you access to the cheapest wholesale prices on all leading prescriptions drugs, OTCs, diabetic supplies and general medical supplies available in the market. Need to order a specialty drug or medicinal product? No problem – our team of pharmaceutical specialists will locate it for you quickly!

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