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Looking for pharmaceuticals online? At RxOneShop, we make it easy for you to find virtually any Generic, Brand, CBD products, diabetic supplies, or short dated products in our catalog. Our team believes that all Americans should be able to access wholesale medical supplies as needed, no matter their income level.

This is why we strive to provide the most competitive, low pricing possible. Because we purchase a large variety of pharmaceutical supplies in bulk, we’re able to give you generic drugs at a wholesale price.

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Use RxOneShop's price check tool so that you can easily compare our product prices with your current supplier’s prices. Follow the steps below:

1.) To use the price check tool, if you have an XLSX or CSV spreadsheet, upload it including a column for NDC, and we will provide you with our price. Please note that we will only price NDC with exact NDC.

2.) If you also add columns for Price and Quantity, our team can show you how much you'll save with RxOneShop!

3.) In addition to providing us the NDC, Price, and Quantity, you'll also need to include your Pharmacy Name, Phone Number, and Email.

4.) If applicable, enter any questions you may have.

5.) Lastly, click our "Check Prices" button.

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If you're not using our price check tool, you can also choose to use our website’s search bar instead. At RxOneShop, we make it simple and straightforward for you to search by NDU, SKU, Generic Name, or Brand Name. Find best-selling and even hard-to-find products with ease on our website!

Brand new to RxOneShop.com? To locate your product, follow the steps below:

1.) First, you should find the name of your prescription drug or SKU number

2.) Next, go to our main Catalog page, or other page, and use the search bar in the middle of your screen.

3.) Lastly, once you’ve found your product, add it to the cart and purchase.

In addition to using our search feature on our website, you also have the options to filter by price, manufacturer, etc.

RxOneShop Is a Trusted Pharmaceutical Distributor

RxOneShop has more than two decades of industry experience. In fact, we are a trusted US pharmacy distributor. We first opened in 2005 with a commitment to providing competitive pricing for generic and brand pharmaceuticals.

Our company provides pharmaceuticals and supplies to physicians, clinics, long term care, specialty, retail, and acute care pharmacies. With RxOneShop, you can rest assured that you will get some of the best, low pricing in the industry. In addition, we also provide FREE next day shipping for various suppliers.

If you’re not able to locate the product you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to our team for assistance. The RxOneShop staff is happy to help you find the products you need at the best competitive pricing possible.

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