In today's fast-paced world, having a reliable online source for all your wholesale medical supply needs is imperative. Founded in 2005, RxOneShop stands as your pharmaceutical and medical supplies partner, ensuring that you always have access to top-quality, wholesale medical supplies.

With a diverse range of products, coupled with uncompromised quality, our wholesale medical suppliers here to serve healthcare professionals, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, patients, and individuals, alike.

Diabetic Supplies

If you are managing Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, you’ll need the right set of tools. Here at RxOneShop, our diabetic suppliers aim to empower patients by providing diabetic supplies that you need. From glucose meters to test strips and lancets, our selection caters to all diabetic needs.

Glucose meters
Test strips for glucose meters
Insulin pens and vials
Lancets and lancing devices
Diabetic foot care products
Insulin pump supplies
Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems
Diabetic skincare products
Ketone test strips

We offer wholesale medical supplies and products that ensure accurate readings and effective monitoring. Moreover, with the ongoing advancements in diabetic care, we continually update our inventory to provide the latest in diabetic technology.


In the medical field, injectables serve numerous purposes – from vaccinations to aesthetic treatments. There are a wide range of injectables available, ensuring that medical practitioners have access to both common and specialized solutions. Here are just some of them:

Vaccines (e.g., influenza, HPV, hepatitis)
Hormonal treatments (e.g., insulin, testosterone)
Allergy shots
Hyaluronic acid fillers for aesthetic procedures
Vitamin shots (e.g., B12, vitamin D)
Pain management injectables (e.g., corticosteroids)
Biologic agents for autoimmune conditions
Therapeutic injections (e.g., for osteoporosis)

At RxOneShop, we ensure the quality and safety of our injectables and other wholesale medical supplies by sourcing them from trusted manufacturers and adhering to stringent quality control measures. When you choose RxOneShop, you can rely on our uncompromised quality.


For accurate dosage and safe administration of medications, the right syringe is an important investment. Our wholesale medical supplies team offers a wide variety of syringes, ranging in size, type, and purpose. Whether it's for administering insulin, drawing blood, or any other medical procedure, our syringes are designed for precision and safety. Here’s a list of syringes to look into for all your wholesale medical supply needs:

Insulin syringes
Tuberculin syringes
Safety syringes (with retractable needles)
Prefilled syringes
Single-use disposable syringes
Luer lock syringes
Syringes with attached needles
Glass syringes
Catheter-tip syringes

Made from medical-grade materials, syringes are both durable and safe for all medical applications. Our selection of syringes ensures that healthcare professionals always have the appropriate supplies for the job.

Wholesale Medical Supplies FAQs

Where to buy wholesale medical supplies?
When looking to purchase wholesale medical supplies, there are several viable options. Many companies specialize in the bulk distribution of medical supplies and might have a presence in your country. For those preferring local interactions, there might be medical supply distributors in your region that cater specifically to healthcare institutions. Attending medical trade fairs and exhibitions can offer opportunities to connect with a variety of suppliers and firsthand insights into product ranges. At RxOneShop, we are 100% committed to providing fully-tested, quality wholesale medical supplies that you can rely on.

How do I choose a medical supplier?
Choosing a reliable medical supplier requires careful consideration of 1.) the reputation and credibility of the supplier by reading reviews, testimonials, and seeking references; 2.) quality assurance, or ensuring that products meet the medical standards and certifications required in your area; 3.) whether the pricing is competitive and offers value for money; 4.) the supplier's responsiveness and customer support; and 5.) guarantee of timely deliveries, especially when the wholesale medical supplies are urgently needed.

Why are wholesaler medical supplies expensive?
Wholesaler medical supplies can be costly for several reasons. 1.), medical supplies must adhere to strict certification, quality control, and regulatory standards to ensure they are safe for use. 2.) Significant investments in research and development are also behind many medical products before they are launched on the market. 3.) Another factor is the high cost of liability insurance that medical supply manufacturers have to bear. 4.) Lastly, logistical aspects such as storage, handling, and transportation, especially for sensitive products, can also contribute to higher prices.

How can I save money on medical supplies?
To help reduce overall cost, one of the most common approaches while shopping online for wholesale medical supplies is to buy in bulk. Larger quantities often lead to better pricing per unit. Engaging in negotiations with suppliers and building a rapport can sometimes lead to favorable discounts or terms of purchase. It's also wise not to rush and settle for the first supplier one encounters. By comparing prices, terms, and services of multiple suppliers, you can find the most cost-effective deals. In instances where the quality isn't compromised, you can also opt for generic or alternative brands, which can also help cut down on cost. Lastly, stay updated about supplier promotions and deals to get unexpected discounts!

Why Choose RxOneShop for Wholesale Medical Supplies?

At RxOneShop, we know that choosing a medical supply provider isn't just about product availability; it's also about trust, reliability, and unwavering quality. Our wholesale medical suppliers are fully committed to serving our clients with nothing but the best.

We have a large inventory to help ensure that you can always find the supplies you need, no matter if you’re a clinic, pharmacy, or individual. With RxOneShop, you’ll never have to second-guess the reliability of the products you receive. Our team's dedication to excellence and customer service cements our position as a leading provider in the world of wholesale medical supplies.

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