RxOneShop is a wholesale pharmaceutical supplier approved by the FDA to serve the U.S. There is no doubt that healthcare in the U.S. is extremely expensive and a huge business with rising costs each year. Generic drug savings reports show an increase in the need for generic medication by American patients. Studies show that generic drugs provide the same outcomes for patients at a lower price point.

Wholesale Generic Drug Supplier

RxOneShop provides generic drugs at wholesale prices to the entire U.S. Our purpose is to improve the lives of U.S. consumers by creating access to effective pharmaceuticals at a lower cost. We believe all Americans should have access to the medicine they need no matter what their income may be. We work with a large variety of pharmaceutical manufacturers and buy in bulk; this allows us to offer you generic drugs at a wholesale price. We supply long-term care pharmacies, retail pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, and compounding pharmacies nationwide. RxOneShop is on top of state and federal pharmaceutical news in an effort to educate our end users with information relevant to healthcare. We are committed to the health of our customers by providing generic drugs at wholesale prices and information to assist in the purchasing process.

Wholesale Brand Name Pharmaceuticals Supplier

We all know that generics are much more inexpensive than brand name drugs. Some drugs on the market may not have a generic brand just yet. We will do everything we can do to find the generic counterpart. If we can’t find it, we guarantee we will still have the best price for the brand name medication until a generic drug is created. RxOneShop partners with specialty drug manufacturers and group purchasing organizations, so we can keep costs down for the consumer, whether you are purchasing generic or name branded drugs. We are a wholesale pharmaceutical supplier and can find almost any pharmaceutical drug in either generic or brand name. If you have a special request that you do not see listed on our website, please contact us so that we may research your request.

Choose RxOneShop As Your Wholesale Pharmaceutical Supplier?

Our years of experience have created a trusted relationship with distributors as well as large manufacturers across the country. We are here to provide low-cost bulk pharmaceutical orders for pharmacies and medical facilities alike. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Contact us today.